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Common Questions

Do you build energy efficient and green homes?
Image Builders is proud to be both an Energy Star-certified and a green-certified homebuilder. Every Energy Star custom home we build is designed and constructed to reduce energy use and ultimately lower maintenance and utility costs for our clients by 30% or more when compared with standard building techniques. We ensure that each home is properly sealed to reduce drafts, use high-quality and properly installed insulation and install energy efficient windows, doors, equipment and appliances.

Choosing to build "green" can boost energy efficiency by up to 50% when compared with traditional building techniques. When building a green home, we take into consideration the home's size and layout, its orientation on the lot, the materials used for construction and the fixtures and appliances installed.

Do you really give free estimates?
Absolutely. If you already have a home plan or know the size and style of home you would like to construct, we are able to provide you information on which you can base your final decisions. If you don't have a plan and are just beginning to think about the kind of home you'd like to build, our draftsmen can draw one for you. To do so requires a deposit of $1,000-$2,000, depending on the size of the home, but the plan is yours to keep-regardless of whether you choose to have Image Builders construct your home or not.

Does Image Builders finance the construction cost of our home, or do we?
Financing the construction cost of the home yourself can often bring with it many advantages; for instance, lower interest rates or loan fees if you do both the construction loan and the final mortgage loan with the same lender. But there are times when it may be easier to have Image Builders finance the costs for you. This is an especially helpful option if you currently live outside of the Billings area and are unable to be here on a monthly basis.

We can discuss financing options and advantages when we meet; in the meantime, you may also wish to check with your preferred bank or lender about their construction loan programs.

How long does it usually take to build a home?
Although in most cases it takes between 6 to 10 months, construction time does vary based on the size, location and complexity of the home. And, because we live in a state where weather changes can often surprise us, unexpected snow or rain storms may affect home completion times.

How soon can you begin construction of my custom home?
In order to keep projects moving smoothly and to allow us the time we need to give each one our full attention, we schedule our home starts approximately 3 to 4 weeks apart. However, there are other factors which must be considered-one of the most important being the time of year we begin construction. Warmer months allow us to complete dirt and foundation work efficiently, while our Montana winters (and the sub-zero temperatures that accompany them) slow or delay that process.

What is your construction price per square foot?
In all honesty, this is a question that can be tough to answer because there are a number of variables in any construction project. For instance, square foot price will vary based on the shape of the home's foundation, the pitch of the roof, the height of the walls and even the number of windows it will have.

Before giving any construction price quote, we'd like to meet with you to find out the size, style and design of the home you're interested in building. That way we can give you the most accurate pricing information possible. In fact, we suggest that you meet with any contractor with whom you are looking to work before requesting or relying on a square foot pricing quote.

Where do you build, and are we required to build on your lots?
Located in Billings, Montana, Image Builders not only builds homes here, but also in the surrounding areas. You may choose from one of our beautiful lots, have us build on a lot you already own, or we can help you find the perfect lot for your perfect new home.